Ming Tsia in Manila

Catch Ming Tsai in Manila at the Rockwell Tent on April 28 and 29, 2009. Representing us will be Chef Sabrina Gan, students Martin Arancon and Rachell Acio…prayers please. Come and cheer for your team! Animo Benilde!

Photos of the event by kurt


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4 Responses to Ming Tsia in Manila

  1. admin says:

    Our team won best in knife skills..they got kyocera knives!! Yehey!

  2. nelson says:

    congrats to you guys !

    thanks for your support ! http://www.sweetlinkph.com

  3. admin says:

    Thanks Nelson we had a blast! You should bring more celebrity chefs over! Also thanks to Unilever for that private showdown between Ming Tsai and Chef Joanne Limoanco at Cilantro Kitchen. But Joanne is my iron chef! Go Jo!

  4. nelson says:

    i did get a lot of encouragement and request to bring more celebrity chefs over. any favorites ?

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