Vatel Manila Dinner Launch

Last February 26 was the formal dinner launch of the school’s partnership with Institut Vatel. The guests were Mr. Alain Sebban from Vatel France, Brother Victor Franco, dignitaries from the French embassy, representatives from the department of tourism, commission on higher education, general mangers and industry partners from the different hotels, academic administrators, distinguished faculty, and the press!  Pressure did not just come from the VVIP guest list but  because it was also midterm week! Despite that the faculty, students, and staff involved must be congratulated for a successful dinner. Merci! Tres bien!

 The Vatel Manila Program

Food by the kitchen brigade of Green Cuisine with Chef Bong:


 The service team with mentors Gil Acuna and Ed Valenciano:

The bar management class with mentors  Gerry Ele, Paul Cernon, and Jerwin Pineda:

 Table set-up by Mr. Jaime Flores and team:

The menu was Filipino fusion:


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One Response to Vatel Manila Dinner Launch

  1. tricia says:

    I had fun. reading some of your blogs. Im from Dls-csb too. 🙂 hope to see more of your posts

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