Dusit Thani's Crossover Brunch

One of our graduates manning the buffet

The last time I felt like a glutton was eating for three hours at the buffet of Hotel Sofitel’s Spiral restaurant. I thought that was Manila’s ultimate buffet in terms of food quantity because of the length of their buffet.  Today, I tried the Sunday Crossover Brunch at the Dusit Thani and it could give Spiral a run for their money.  Imagine for P1450 net one can cross and eat in four different restaurants.  Our reservation was at Benjarong the Thai restaurant because Umu the Japanese restaurant was already booked. Welcomed by a mime… we started off with the healthy Thai appetizers and salads like tom yang gung, crispy catfish, Thai beef salad, satay, pad thai (cooked in front of us) and so much more. The lemon grass juice was also lovely.  Later a table was free so we transferred to Umu the Japanese restaurant for sushi, robata, tempura, and teppanyaki.  For teppanyaki I had steak, prawns, salmon, shitake and enoki mushrooms…yummy! That made my day! This buffet is so worth it! I had to skip the roasts  in Basix (coffeeshop) and after an hour of eating we moved up to the

Italian restaurant for dessert. Time management is crucial…hahaha!.. In Tosca the anti pasto looked great but I was just so stuffed already.  For a chocolate fix I had the molten lava cake.  It is cooked in a turbo broiler on the spot.  I couldn’t leave without trying the tiramisu and the panna cotta. The buffet in Tosca comes with free flowing sparkling wine too!   I once wrote in an article that in today’s economic times instead of relying on discounts, restaurants must focus on value adding strategies in points of interaction with the guest or customer to stand out. This crossover buffet stands out because it is value for money, it comes with sprakling wine and drinks, and the thing I love most is experiencing  the ambiance of the different restaurants. So book in advance and wear garter pants.

 Dusit Thani tel 867-3333  


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One Response to Dusit Thani's Crossover Brunch

  1. Sawasdee Ka! Thank you. It’s always a delight to know that our guests appreciate the great value we put in for their money. Please make sure to check out our Easter Sunday treat. It’ll definitely a blast, too! Cheers!

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