More playground

The Bar Management room or bar lab. The only room where students are allowed to taste alcoholic beverages.  Looks like a real bar! Here they learn cocktail mixing, wines,  coffee barrista skills, and flair tending. This is  home to teachers Gerry Ele, Paul Ceron, and Jerwin Pineda

So many hotel and culinary schools now being set-up… not to worry…can I just say that this year your alma mater the De La Salle-College of St. Benilde School of Hotel Restaurant and Institution Management (SHRIM) achieved the following under Dean Delarmente:

a) PAASCU level 3 accreditation. It is so far the only hotel school to reach that level
b) Partnership with the number one hotel school in Europe Istituto Vatel…so now SHRIM is also know as  Vatel Manila
c) World class facilities -Phase 2 of the renovation is almost complete (yehey I can take my long overdue leave!) and now Phase 3 begins before summer ( oh! got to finish this before I take my sabbatical!)

Here are some photos of the many changes in school:

The demo kitchen is my baby…no mirrors!… we are using plasma TV…and it is definitely nicer than Rachel Ray’s:

The new kitchen labs with vulcan stoves:

Pictures were taken by Mr. Rex Rafael.


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2 Responses to More playground

  1. dudutsky says:

    im jealous! i think illl just go back home and teach there chef lol

  2. lace says:

    chef pam!!ang ganda na ng school grabe!!!! sana makavisit ako soon =)

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