Mount Pinatubo Trek

Our Mount Pinatubo trek adventure starts from Manila…we took a three hour bus ride towards Dagupan for P180. Got off at the Sta. Lucia complex in San Miguel Tarlac to book a room at the Microtel Inn ( tel 0927-7238454) in order to break the trip and have enough energy for the long climb. Other people do it as a day tour but I also wanted to enjoy Tarlac  and be well rested as we had to be in Capas Tarlac at 7:00 am the next day. The Sta. Lucia complex beside the hotel has  Pizza Hut, Chow King, Jolibee, Dencio’s, Pancake House, a Robinson’s grocery, a Starbucks restaurant full of people(!)…and more franchise restaurants than local food..sorry I won’t be able to blog about the food…

The following day we met up with our ride at Capas to take us to Spa Town in Santa Juliana.  The place is another 17 kilometers from Capas Junction.  It is okay to bring a car as the roads are nice and there is parking in SPA TOWN. The 4×4’s are stationed their to take tourists up the volcano. Our tour coordinator was Ms. Jovi Balbiro of  her number is 0928-341-0402 and land line 045-615-0880.  She charges P1500 per person for

a minimum of 4 people. This includes the 4×4, guide, and set meals at Spa Town. Extra expenses would be a boat ride to the center of the crater at P250 per person and P500 if you want to pass through a short cut called the sky way(more a lahar road) to get to the top faster.

It’s a good thing we had a heavy breakfast and brought food and water during the climb because we ended up having lunch at 4:00pm. Just don’t forget sunblock and to take your trash back down with you. The bumpy ride through the lahar was around an hour. Not advisable for people with asthma. Our light jackets covered us from the lahar dust, the heat of the sun, then kept us warm at the bit chilly mountain top.  The climb up was between an hour to an hour and a half. This trek for me was much more difficult than Sagada….but when you reach the top and see the beauty of the crater it is all worth it…bragging rights to say you conquered a volcano!… We swam in the lake which is 2% sulfur…no plant or animal life in it. At the center of the crater the sand and water gets very hot…The trek is closed  and dangerous during the stormy season……

I remember during the 1991 eruption  I was in Manila and it was snowing with volcanic dust and at that time we could not figure out what it was….the sky was dark at 3:00 in the afternoon and silly me thought it was the end of the world already…There is a new eco-life formed at the crater today and it makes me wonder how mother nature can make something so beautiful after her wrath that caused so much devastation to the provinces of Tarlac, Bataan, Pampanga, Zambales, and even Clark Field Air Base Pampanaga…

Anyway we spent another night in Tarlac as we were too tired to head off to Baguio as part of out Northern road trip adventure.


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