Spotted at Faculty Christmas Party

After course card day every December our respectable SHRIM teachers make complete fools of themselves by dressing up in costume for the annual Christmas party.  To many of the faculty members this is serious business! In the recent years we have dressed up for themes like the 70’s, Hollywood, United Nations, blue and white collar jobs, til last year’s cowboys and Indians…. and each year it has become more and more competitive!..  For 2008 the theme was “fantasy”…. enchanted creatures, nursery rhymes, Disney princesses and villains, Harry Potter, and characters from the Lord of the Rings’  Middle Kingdom….Enjoy the pictures for blackmail! See you next term and have good long break. Happy Holidays!


1)A scary Queen Amidala, an over-sized Harry Potter, Rapunzel, the Wicked Witch, Mulawin, Nightmare before Christmas, Boyoyong Clown

2) Queen Amidala in drag!,  Sabong with the Mulawin brothers

3) A prince, penguin fairy (calls herself that…if there is such a thing?!), Tinkerbell, Reyna Elena, Mother Goose, Wicked Witch, Jack of Nightmare, an Elvish maiden, Harry Potter, clown, Aladdin, Cinderella

4) Boyoyong clown 1, clown 2, prince charming


1)A scary Queen Amidala (Chef Charlie), an over-sized Harry Potter (Chef Eddie), Rapunzel (Chef Rhea), the Wicked Witch (Chef Peachy), Mulawin (Mr. Ken Subillaga), Nightmare before Christmas (Mr. Rex Rafael), Boyoyong Clown ( Chef Dick)

2) Queen Amidala (Chef Charlie Laureta), Mulawin brothers (Mr. Supena and Best Costume winner Mr. Subillaga)

3) A prince (Mr. Ritchie Calo), penguin fairy (Chef Kim Castillo), Tinkerbell (Chef Jenniby Tenorio), Reyna Elena ( Chef Mae Montalban), Mother Goose (Chef Shirley Joseph), Wicked Witchf (Chef Peachy), Jack of Nightmare (Mr. Rafael), Elvish maiden (mwah), Harry Potter (Chef Ed), Aladdin (Chef Bong), Cinderella (Ms. Michelle Ong)

4) Boyoyong clown 1 (Mr. Lao), clown 2 ( Chef Dick), prince charming (Mr. Gil Acuna)


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