Dapitan Market

I don’t feel very “Christmassy”, maybe it’s the global economy or my first Christmas with all my siblings being away. I wish I had a reason to be really excited.  Anyway I finally put my tree up today because I believe happiness is a choice.

I look at my beautifully decorated “plastic pine shaped tree” and wonder what’s Filipino about it. Another tradition we picked up from the Americans! If our lechon (roasted pig) is the equivalent of the thanksgiving’s turkey, I wonder what tree could represent our culture for Christmas.  What tree represents Christmas and Filipino? I know the coconut tree! But it’s too skinny to decorate haha! Aha! A banana tree! Hmm again too skinny too…I wonder what tree would be festive enough not to remind you of poverty??? Parols (Christmas lanterns) are very Filipino but they don’t count. Like I said it has to be a tree!?! See how I try to amuse myself? Again happiness is a choice and retail therapy helps too.

One great place to go to is Dapitan arcade/flea market located along Mayon and Kanlaon Streets in Quezon City for ornaments, handicrafts and house decor export overruns.   Wish I found this place before I started to cater because they have wrought iron stuff like candle holder centerpieces, cupcake tree stands (P450 only) and Tiffany chairs (P700). Great finds too for decorative plates and glassware. One idea is to cook food and give them as gifts in ceramic platters. Wow prices are even cheaper than Landmark!

Hey! What about a foodie cupcake tree?!


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