Binondo Food Trip with Old Manila Walks

Yesterday I took my Asian Cuisine class to China Town. Sometimes it is good to get out of the classroom  so that the students can learn more. I finally got  to meet Ivan Mann Dy of Old Manila Walks (  A fellow Benildean, he conducted the tour with so much animation and passion. He was so funny meeting us in his Chinese costume and portable sound system hanging around his neck. He constantly waved his Filipino flag as we walked and followed him around. I myself learned a lot about China Town’s history and food. The walking tour was three hours of non-stop eating.I hope I burned the calories gained by walking. I promised Ivan I would not blog in detail so that the others taking the tour would enjoy the surprise. So let me just say that the food he introduced us to was more authentic and was not your usual Chinese repertoire. This was much appreciated since the  participants were culinary students.  We had several Chinoys in the group taking the tour but it was also their first time to try the dishes.  Hhmm…I’m still craving for dumplings!


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2 Responses to Binondo Food Trip with Old Manila Walks

  1. Miko says:

    Chef!!! Fireman Chefs!!! asan na?!?! =D

  2. chamae deosil says:

    Hello, I am stumbling across the internet in search of community centers’, or colleges’, cooking classes in Chinoy, Asian, vegetarian and seafood cuisine. I would like to find ones that last one to three months and meet 3 to 5 times a week; maybe 6 hrs a day. If anyone can lead me in this way, I would greatly appreciate. I would like to know of homestays, hostels or budget accommodation. It is my first visit to The Philippines so I am open to classes in all parts of your country. all the best, Chamae

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