No Reservations

Rumor has it celebrity chef and author Anthony Bourdain is or was in Manila. Chef Bourdain is author of “A Cook’s Tour” and the hilarious “Kitchen Confidential”. As a writer I love his humor and strait forwardness. His prose is anything but pretentious, specially the part in his book where he bashes egotistic Bobby Flay and Rocco DiSpirito.

He was (is) here to shoot a segment for his show. I bet he will feature “balut” (boiled duck egg embryo) a local delicacy. Two of our graduates now chefs in Hotel Sofitel CDP Chef Pipo Aluning and Dan Almeda (#102) told me they had the pleasure of serving him. I’m dying with envy! I also heard from another source that he did Dampa and the Binondo China Town Walking tour. How I found out? I was also booking the same tour for our Asian Cuisine class and missed him by a day.

Then I passed by Cafe Ysabel restaurant this week and wondered why there were so many cars. Turns out he was there too! I heard he is going to Pampanga to feature the exotic dishes. I’m no stalker! I just want him to autograph my books Just a big fan! Haha!. Anthony Bourdain is here on a secret mission: to feature “our” food. Isn’t that great?!! Good luck finding him because there are “no reservations” under his name.

Chef Gene Gonzalez, Ivan Man Dy, Anthony Bourdain, and our student Michelle Ong (ID#106)


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2 Responses to No Reservations

  1. lace says:

    OMG CHEF ANTHONY BOURDAIN!!!!!!sayang chef sana nakita mo sya!i wanna meet him too.haha=)

  2. deck says:

    nkakaingit!!! grrrrrr! hehe=)

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