Stir Crazy's second anniversary

A favorite watering hole in the Ortigas area is Stir Crazy Bar and Restaurant.  It is located along Amethyst St. (the one way road) behind Linden Suites. Fresh out of school this group of friends took the risk of opening their own place….they have had their birth pains but despite everything the place is now successfully two years old.  Stir Crazy is more known as a bar with friendly and familiar faces…they have bands playing Saturday and Friday evenings with no cover charge. It is a fun place that allows daring guests to jam with the band.  During the day they serve comfort food at very affordable prices to accommodate the UAP crowd.  What is admirable about this group is the strong friendships that have prevailed and have stood the test of time since their college days. Congratulations and more power to you guys!

The Stir Crazy team : Nino Romero, Ino Bernardo, Angelo Castaneda, Stephanie Co, Julian  Domino (ID ‘102, Solomon Batch 6)


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