A toast to Wine Depot

Many thanks to Ms. Anne Tibayan of Wine Depot for inviting us to their food and wine festival at the NBC tent “Toast 2008: a Toast to Taste!”…The event had over 30 exhibitors… Participants were international wine producers together with five star hotels and restaurants. Upon registration we were each given our own wine glass (also as a souvenir) to use for sampling as we did our rounds. We were also given a little booklet that had the wine list, prices, and little coupons to present to the different exhibitors. The booklet is similar to the the wine passports given in Napa and the California wine region for tours…Good of the organizer to include a section in the booklet for tasting notes.

During the festival I bumped into several of our graduates…In picture are chef Jester Arellano (#103) manning the Renaissance Hotel booth and Pinky Tse(#103) who is now chef de partie of M’ Cafe.

I do believe in personal preferences when it comes to taste so I make it a point not to be a food critic in this blog out of respect for my colleagues in the industry. However, I don’t mind giving my two cents when it comes to wine. Chef Ray is into Pinot… so he liked Zen Asia’s Spy Valley Pinot Noir(P1075) beacuse of its hint of berries and leather. Also try for Pinot the Estancia 2005 (P670) and Bourgogne Pinot Noir (P2007 young). I honestly think Ray’s love for Pinot is overrated by the the movie “Sideways”. Chef Eddie on the other hand is into Italian cuisine. So he liked best the Banfi Chianti 2006 (P825) for its nice ruby red color and oaky flavor. Chef Mae was with us for the food and the Tsamanian cheese hehe! Missed was our other wine buddy Chef Peachy who is still in Shanghai for the term break.

As for me I love reds…am into Shiraz now. It’s not as heavy as a Cabernet or a Merlot and not as light as a Pinot Noir (you may or may not agree me but I don’t care..hehe!) Shiraz thou full bodied is somewhere in the middle… Not too heavy and not too light either…For French wines I like wines from the Rhone Valley and mind you the grape variety used is Syrah (French for Shiraz). Australia has the perfect condition for growing Shiraz and a point to consider is that their Shiraz vines were not hit by phyloxera. In fact some vineyards have vines that are almost a hundred years old. Try Australia’s St. Hallett’s Shiraz… Prices ranges from the 2007 (P675) to the Old Block 2002 (P2,907)… also Angove’s 2006 Nine Vines (P616) and the 2005 Long Row Shiraz (P470). It is so much value compared to snobby over-priced old world wines. Now for pinoys who like it sweet I recommend the Kamula 2007 Rose (P300) which is very fruity.

I’m so glad they opened Wine Depot in Greenhills…I don’t have to go all the way to Makati anymore. Cheers and G’day mate!



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