Dumaguete’s darling- Gabby del Prado

Dear Chef,

I  just wanted to share with you what I’ve been up to! My parents decided to put up apartments for rent here back in our province.. the idea turned out to be an apartelle and later on I got involved and put up a small resto called “Gabby’s Bistro” hehehe… Now so far it is doing so well here.. people love my food and the ambiance. The food I serve is like comfort gourmet cuisine.. pretty simple but different taste din.. SGH really helped me a lot for what am doing today.. it feels like it

all over again…Our seating capacity is around 25 inside the aircon and 30 in the alfresco. I trained the staff here and taught them what I learned before.. weekends are very busy here and when we are fully booked in the apartelle! So far many famous people have stayed here like Liza Macuja Elizalde the ballerina, Mayor Jojo Binay, hehehe.., and Sen John Osmena.. heheh.. big names! Grabe couldn’t imagine I would meet them here pa! heheh.. anyway later on, I plan to put more dishes and gimmicks coz of the demand here really.. people love our place coz it has a fun ambiance and they think the food is delicious! hehehe… nax? hhahaha!! It was named by a local journalist as the top of 5 new places to eat here.. hehehe… We opened last may 28 and so far we are doing really well! 🙂 I help both manage the hotel but am more with the resto.. hehehe… I’ve become a local celebrity here! hahaha! 🙂 thank you for everything again! come visit me soon! hahaha!! 🙂 I see the school is renovating and the equipment are really impressive!! So nice wish I could go back to school! I hope you guys can visit me one of these days! My face still there in the school van? hahahaah!!! The mother-in-law of Chef Kim was here too.. hehehe… Anyways, take care always… miss u all back in SHRIM! regards to all! 🙂


Gabby (ID #103,SGH student executive chef batch 8  )

Here is the link to Gabby’s hotel Florentina Homes and Gabby’s Bistro in Dumaguete:



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