Bizu – more than just desserts

I just came home from Bizu Bistro in Greenbelt 2 Makati from a focus group food tasting. I was given a sneak preview of the menu.

The Tanco children in their 20’s are now involved in running the restaurants. Audrey and Aaron are in operations while Alexander is helping out in the kitchen. Tonight’s tasting was for the launching of Alex’s new menu. Alex is a culinary arts graduate of ours batch 2004. For his internship he was student executive chef of Solomon Guest House (batch 12) and then had his practicum in Shanghai training in Le Plantane under world famous chef Justin Quek. Alex as a student has always been very passionate about food and has won many school competitions. Yet despite that he has remained humble and kind hearted which is what I love most about him.

People think of desserts when they think of Bizu, but Bizu has so much more to offer like their signature dish the 10 hour

slow roasted beef and other hot items.

I recommend from the new menu we were able to taste – orange chicken confit, osso bucco, mushroom ragout with caramelized onions on sour dough bread, sole with gruyere gratin and sauce remoulade sandwich, and the cream dory with artichokes. The other items still need a little tweaking but I’m sure will turn out great. For me Bizu means quality, that despite this economic times you can be assured that they will not scrimp on ingredients.

New dessert (picture above)-Foret Verte or Green Forest – Chocolate ganache pistachio creme with almond dacquoise, crushed pistachio and chocolate Belgian cigars.


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