Batangas: a hidden wonder

Mayen Uichioco and Jarvick Ongtauco (#104 and Solomon 13) invited me to Batangas to check out Pico de Loro Beach & Country Club owned by the SM group of companies. Mayen had her internship there as part of the management opening team. They were so happy with her performance so now she works in the main office as a membership assistant. Jarvick who also just graduated is now sales associate for the club… so if you want club shares look for him for a great investment… Hurry before the prices go up!

Anyway… I was in for a real treat as the two brought me for lunch to a hidden restaurant called Kainan sa Dalampasigan found in R. Martinez St., Barangay Bulacan in Nasugbu Batangas before heading out to Pico. The restaurant transforms into another world as you walk through the hanging vines… the garden setting has high ceilings, wooden tables, and Spanish stained glass windows that make the ambiance very rustic… It’s a place you would want to show to a balik-bayan or a foreign guest. Prices are very reasonable. We had crispy pata, bulalo, grilled bilao platter, and the house specialty – tanigue steak. Yum! ( pictures by Mayen)

Pico de Loro Beach Club


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2 Responses to Batangas: a hidden wonder

  1. angelee mendoza says:

    Hi Chef Pam! How are you doing? I’m in the US right now and I didn’t know how else to contact you and it doens’t seem like you check Friendster as much as you do your blog so here goes. I’m currently applying for a job with Magsaysay Maritime Corporation and I placed you and Chef Kristine as my references. I hope that’s fine. See you when I get back.


  2. Mayen says:

    Hi Chef Pam! Hope you enjoyed the trip as much as Jarvik and I did. 🙂 The food at Dalampasigan will always be good. Hehe! I like the title of your blog. You may check out the sites below for more information on the project. Thanks. 🙂 and

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