In vino veritas

I like going to Galileo Enoteca owned by our alumna the very beautiful (ID#2000)Vanessa Vitrano. I like the cozy cellar ambiance of the “hidden” place. It is a nice place to unwind and have wine, cheese and antipasto. The enoteca was her project for her Entrepreneurial class. She later showed the concept paper to her father and now she runs the two stores, one in Calbayog street in Mandaluyong and the other at La Fuereza Plaza along Chino Roces in Makati.

I turned another year older this weekend (thank you to everyone who greeted 🙂 )We had a small dinner at Galileo last Friday. My work surrounds me with hundreds of people so now a days my idea of relaxing is something quiet like dinner, wine, coffee, and theater. As I age I have already accepted the fact that I am too old for clubbing, but and but again…I am never too old to drink too much! Wine, wine, and more wine! We had six bottles of the Marco Maci Sire Rosso 99 (the wine has aged and now is perfect time to drink the ’99) and a whole bottle of lemoncello. And In vino veritas (latin for in wine there is truth) I’m still not telling how old I already am!

Some Italian trivia (question posted by Stephen Almeda):

Enoteca – means “wine library”, more like a wine shop at times with a deli serving cheese, antipasto, and a simpler menu. Intended to sample the wine of the region
Trattoria – means “homemade”, less formal or less causal, food served family style
Ristorante – is a full service Italian restaurant


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4 Responses to In vino veritas

  1. Vanessa Vitrano says:

    Hello Chef Pam!

    Happy Happy Birthday! I’m really glad that you had fun in Galileo.
    I can’t forget my thesis with you, especially when i named the restaurant “RIMINI-RIMINI”.
    Your eyes literally lit up and you were like “It sounds like minnie mouse, you wouldn’t want your restaurant named after a mouse!” .
    Do you still remember that? lol..
    But kidding aside,one thing I’ve learned from you is not to be afraid to take risks, try something new to the market and if you really believe in it, you will succeed.
    Oh one more thing, never trust a guy who can’t order a good bottle of wine 😛 ( Don’t worry she taught me this after i graduated) 😛 haha
    Thank you for everything Chef 🙂 You taught us things we can’t just learn from a Book.
    Hey no “halong-Bola”, i’m not your student anymore! 😛

    But you’ll be my forever Chef Pam ! “cornix”

    Love you!


  2. admin says:

    Thanks Vanni…you can trust a guy even if he doesn’t know how to order wine..don’t trust a guy who owns a phone line but calls you on his pre-paid number…hehe!

  3. Stephen Almeda says:

    How about an osteria?:D

  4. admin says:

    Osteria – Italian word for tavern, just like a French bistro…Btw Stephen makes the best flourless chocolate cake

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