Artsy Fartsy Gastronomy

Free flowing French wine and food? Of course we were there!… Alliance Francaise de Manille’s French Spring Festival ’08 held the event “Déguste” last April 17,2008 at the Ayala Museum. It was an aesthetic fusion between gastronomy and art by artists Stéphanie Sagot and Emmanuelle Becquemin. They created savory art works which called on “the pleasures of vision, smell, and taste”. Trust the French to be creative!… Guests were eating or taking marshmallows from servers (pinned to their private parts!) in a body suit….and here are more ideas that were presented and can be used in food presentation:

The “floating buffet” – little canapés and hors d’oeuvres in little boxes tied to hundreds of balloons. As you take the food the balloons float up into the air:

An interactive food station- food is taken from a wall of dancing hands:

The buffet spread prepared by Sofitel Philippine Plaza:

Our culinary team:

Photographs by Peachy Juban


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