The Quezon Culinary Tour

Finally I was able to do the Quezon Culinary tour with our hosts fr0m Tiaong Ka-Bogart and Joy Tamayo. It was my first time in Villa Escudero so we did the touristy things like the Carabao ride with background rondalla music, lunch at Labasin falls ( your bare feet get wet while eating in the middle of the river), watched the cultural ethnic dance troupe that was trained by the late Ramon Obusan, visit the Escudero Family Museum, and spend the evening at the villas with the view of Lake Labasin. The other parts of the Villa Escudero property is now being developed by Landco into a subdivision and golf course. It is still a great place to bring balikbayans or tourists who want to experience Filipino Hospitality.

The following day we had lunch and spent the afternoon at Ugu Bigyan’s house in Tiaong. Ugu Bigyan is a famous Filipino potter who also cooks. I am now a fan of his pottery and his food.

On our way back we had a late afternoon or early dinner meal at Kusina Salud in San Pablo City, Laguna. The place is Bohemian and the food is eclectic or Filipino fusion. A destination restaurant if you want to get out of the city.

Photos taken by Diday Padilla and Olive Zuluaga


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