The Culinary Bangkok Tour in the eyes of student Beverly Galvez

As I was scheduled on my flight on February 27, 2008 I was considered the first batch of the Bangkok tour in spite of being absent in my INTECU2 class as the receptionist.My friends and I were very excited to explore a country that we have never been before. We even took pictures even before we left the Philippines. We were planned to take Thai Airlines arriving and departing Bangkok. My batch mates were all set with their passports, plane ticket and pocket money. We felt very excited because it will be our first time touring a foreign land with our friends and classmates. The Chefs that were with us was Chef Jo Tan and Chef Jen Redito. They were wonderful during the trip. Day one in Bangkok we were curious of what

Bangkok was really like and how the people looked. I compare the Thai to look like our very own “Pinoys”!They looked so much like Filipinos we almost forgot that we were in
Thailand. As we arrived to the
Airport our tour guides Jenny and Erica lead us to the bus and gave us an introduction about
Thailand. As we headed of to or hotel : Arnoma Hotel Jenny, our tour guide, taught us a few Thai words that would be helpful for us to use in the future like for example “Sawasdee kaa” meaning hello for the female and “Sawasdee krub” for the male. Thai people were very

respectful and religious. We could see how they give respect to their religion. Our first stop was to have dinner. Dinner was held at winter Rose restaurant that was a buffet. The food was not that good for me because I was still not familiar with their food. As we arrived in our hotel we were surprised that we lived in the heart of Bangkok were shopping malls were abundant and we were in the district of fun! We planned where we were going when we arrived in our room with my room mate Kitty.On our second day we went to two temples that were the golden Buddha and the reclining Buddha. That is when I saw how sacred Buddhism in

Thailand is. They pay so much respect to their gods that they offer money and flowers and we even takes off the shoes once being in the temple. After that we were off to a boat ride exploring the

canal of
Bangkok.On our third day we visited a restaurant/ cooking school that was named Bussaracum. It was an authentic Thai restaurant that taught us how to make royal Thai cuisine then after that we had a lunch buffet inside the restaurant. Some of the food was delicious! After that we went back to the hotel to freshen up and get ready for dinner! I think that our trip was to eat and shop! We went to a local restaurant near our hotel. It was the best restaurant I’ve ever been during my stay there. All the food was ordered was so good! (Especially the fish and the fried chicken.) After that we had free time of shopping!Every second counts in shopping in Bangkok. The right motto was “so many malls so little time!”The whole educational tour was basically a very nice experience to us culinary students because it is a way to widen our horizon not only I food but also in culture. I believe that culture and history plays a big part in every cuisine of each country. A dish represents one history of something. How I wish we had more time to explore, admire and journey
Thailand. Just when I was getting to love
Thailand we had to go home. I really want to go back to
Thailand and get to know more about the country better and have more time for shopping! Shopping is so great and the items are so cheap. I wish that we had watched cultural shows and went outside the city to have more ideas of
Thailand. This is one trip I will never forget.


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