Christopher Goyokpin- throwing the towel

Goyok! Will visit you in the US…Okay? Here’s his letter:

Hi Chef!!! It’s been a long time since I last talked to you! How are things back in school? Anyway, I’m here in the states and I’m becoming a workaholic and it’s a good thing, for me at least hahaha. I’m currently working in Sundried Tomato Cafe as a Pantry cook and I just started last February. Things are going well, I finally found a kitchen atmosphere that motivates me to work harder. I know you heard this a dozen times about what we learn in school we would also apply it when we start working. Yes, it is true…especially over here of course, but…there are a lot of things that I had to force myself to unlearn and learn over again. A good example are the towels, I got so used to having a towel hanging off my apron whenever I need it. I guess for here in California, the standards have changed and we aren’t allowed to have towels hanging off our aprons anymore. Well that’s just one of the few

examples. My experience here is fun! I’m learning a lot of new things like ingredients that I didn’t even know had existed and how to use them in recipes. There will be a new branch opening soon, and I hope I get placed there. They are currently training me for the hot line now and I’m all hyped up to learn everything they’ve got to teach me. I just want to say thanks for all the support and everything that you have taught me. I hope to see you all soon! Oh yeah, I am still wearing my school uniform to work! haha! I’m proud to be a Benildean!

PS. I am still holding a grudge against you for not coming to my farewell parties. Ouch!! I’m so hurt!!! hahaha joke!


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