Panangbenga Festival Baguio City

Over the weekend I did something really crazy…. Last Saturday I decided on a whim to hop on a bus (by myself) to meet up with friends staying at Camp John Hay Manor in Baguio City. I left Manila 2:00pm… paid Victory Liner P380 and arrived around 8:00 pm….. When I got there my friends and I had dinner at the Manor…by the fireplace as we listened to the songs of “Sonny & Pia”. It was so wonderfully cold! I sipped a fresh strawberry daquiri and was just so glad to be there.

We caught the last weekend of the Panangbenga Flower Festival….Session road was closed during the festivities to traffic and was converted into a giant tiange (flee market)! I was delighted to visit the over 200 stalls that was organized by the Hotel and Restaurant Association of Baguio (HRAB)…From stall to stall I was food tripping on Baguio longanissa (native sausage), Benguet coffee, bagnet, strawberries, Sagada oranges,Tantamco’s ube

jam (next best thing and cheaper than Good Shepperd) and of course Baguio Country Club’s raisin bread…The weather was just so perfect and the flowers everywhere were so beautiful.

On the way home to Manila (via car) we ate in a restaurant in Gerona Tarlac called ‘”Isdaan”. It is a floating restaurant park with giant buddah statues. It is quite an interesting place as you try your best to figure out the theme…anyway it is operated by the Barrio Fiesta and Bakahan & Manukan group so expect the same type of food. The house specialty is tinupig chicken (chicken wrapped and roasted in banana leaves). They have a “Tacsiyapo wall” … you can buy plates (P30), cups, even a television(P1700) and throw them to the wall to release your anger and frustration. You aim at markings with things that make you angry like debt, your mother-in-law, or an ex. Hahaha! Only in the Philippines….Anyway live life! Seize the day!


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  1. Tim Ramsey says:

    I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Tim Ramsey

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