Bangkok culinary tour travel tips

Last year was Vietnam, this year it is Thailand!!! 110 students and four teachers are going. First batch leaves Feb 27-March 1, second batch March 1-4, 2008. I won’t be going anymore as I was there last week to meet the tour coordinators and make sure all arrangement were in order. Though very hectic it was fun approving the restaurant menus, making sure the hotel/tour was at par to our standards, and coordinating with Bussaracum the Thai cooking school.

Airline will be Thai Airways… it’s been a while since I’ve experienced full service for a 3 hour flight. Cocktails, lunch, and

then cocktails again…and the flight attendants are so beautiful! They even give you an orchid before you leave the plane…Great service!

Thailand is an hour behind Manila. Exchange rate $US 1=31.68 baht…to peso just multiply 1 baht by 1.3 They only accept pesos at the airport and the rate is low. You can have your dollars changed at the third floor of Big C mall. It is right beside the hotel.

Climate same, traffic really really bad…best not to take a taxi and just stay around the area. Get a calling card of the hotel just in case you get lost. Thai people don’t speak English very well. Hotel’s name is “Arnoma”(4 star), located at Ratchadamri. The shopping district! Yehey!! Just cross the road and you are at Central. It you want real bargains (whole sale-3pcs) like 168 go down the road to Platinum. Really cheap! If you go up the road you’ll be heading towards Grand Hyatt you’ll encounter the expensive branded shops in malls like La Perla. The free time given to you for shopping is not enough… so every second counts!

All meals are part of the package except for the last evening…most malls have food courts or better yet try Thai street food. I know you would rather shop but embrace culture during the city tours….or at least take advantage of making wishes to all the buddah statues you will be visiting. And for experience don’t leave without a foot or Thai massage. There is one right beside the entrance of Big C mall. You can’t bring fruits into Manila so savor them while you are there. Excited to go?

Hello – Sawasdee krub(male) Sawasdee kaa (female)
How much? – Nee tao-rai
Expensive – Paeng Maag
Not too spicy please – Mai dai nam taan
Thank you- kob koon
Delicious- a -roy
Good bye – La gon


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2 Responses to Bangkok culinary tour travel tips

  1. Ernestine says:

    Chef Pam!! I miss Thailand!! I remember when we went there with Sir Ken nung PTOUR2 =)

  2. Norris Hall says:

    Don’t know if you’ve seen this already but if not Yu might be interested in this website.
    It’s got about 30 recipes each one with a cooking video to go along
    Good if you like to try cooking Thai food at home

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