Words to describe or evaluate food

Want to be a food critic? Invited to be a culinary competition judge, chef, or a chef instructor evaluating food?These are the magical words to use to bluff your way…Still working on the list but please feel free to add more words.

Words to describe texture:
Carefully , tender, blend,rich, crisp,course, crunchy,velvety smooth, fluffy,thick, juicy,crunchy, light, meaty, lightly, chunky, dry, moist, tough, gummy, solid, broken, bleeding, watery, emulsified, cracked

Words to describe taste:
Acidic, succulent, delectable, tangy, delicate,tropical, delicious, zesty, exotic,yummy, fancy, umami, flavorful, hearty, irresistible, natural, over seasoned, mouth watering, lacks/ needs seasoning, sweet, sour, lightly seasoned, bland, over powering,citrus, salty, sensational, spicy, hot, complementing, enhancing, contradicting

Words to describe temperature:
Perfect, piping-hot, hot plate , chilled, cool, hot, refreshing , sizzling, frozen, boiling hot, steaming hot

World to describe food visually:
Large,assorted, layers, big, loaded, extra, piled high,filled, stacked, filling, thinly,generous,giant,huge,thickness,choice, covered , balance, designed , fresh, garnished,golden-brown, smothered,green and leafy, crowded,dull, monochromatic,colorful, well portioned, over sized, duo, trio, de-constructed, shiny

Words to describe smell:
Aromatic , pungent, bouquet, stinky, smoky , scented, barbecue,hint of, burnt like, earthy, fruity

Positive comments:
Sensational, superb, yummy, fantastic, unforgettable, epic

and the best:

My compliments to the chef! or 4.0!


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3 Responses to Words to describe or evaluate food

  1. Katie says:

    for the taste you could say that they both complimented each other well 🙂

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