Chef Jester Arellano at Renaissance

Congrats Jester! Heard your are the protégé of your executive chef and that you are performing well and making waves at Rennaissance Hotel. Thanks for your sharing your experience to us:

heya! Chef Pam! Hows buhay buhay? I am doing great right now. I work at Renaissance Makati City Hotel Manila as Western Banquet Commis. Lapit na ako mag one year dito and maganda nman developments ng pagiging kusinero ko. Lam mu d ko expect ang buhay kusinero sa isang hotel lalo na sa banquet kitchen. Totally different from solomon or restaurant or any internships I had. Tama nga na every kitchen have their own culture and way. And that is the first thing you have to learn before learning their recipes or how they cook. It took time para ma accept nila ako dito. Kc taas ang expectation nila sa mga nakapag aral na kusinero especially the executive chef. Now I already adopted to the banquet kitchen culture. Imagine very large production of food, endless plating, mise en place and even waking up very early for breakfast function

(which I hate the most) are part of my experiences and I am glad to be given these opportunity. Now more responsibilities are given to me aside from it. I do our everyday marketing and inventory. Everyday I have to be sure that we have enough goods for our everyday function. It reminds me of our labs in SHRIM wherein we have to do our marketing for our upcoming labs. Well thanks to those experiences i somehow manage to do my work well.

And thanks to you and to my mentors in SHRIM for making me equipped for my dream. I know that I still have a long journey to take and more challenges are ahead me. And whatever happens I will still remain happy for like anyone else I am blessed to have this kind of opportunity. Oh kamusta ka na? How s SHRIM? Balita ko SHRIM just get better and better. Sobrang inggit na nga kami nyan hah! Whahahahaha! I rily do miss you Chef Pam! Hope we could get together with the CHIPS. And continue inspiring young chefs. Thanks!

Jester Arellano


About Pam

Teacher, cook, foodie, wanderlust
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