Sabrina in China

Sabrina Jane Gan (#102), former CHIP president, is executive chef of Rickshaw Tex Mex Sports Bar in Beijing. She is now opening her second restaurant…for someone so young this is quite an accomplishment..Go Sab! We are so proud of you!

hey chef pam, how are you? i am doing okay naman… so far so good. iba pala talaga yung “real world” once you stepped out of shrim na… tama nga yung mga sinabi nyo sa amin. especially in my case na im out of the country, living on my own in a foreign land.

each day is a learning experience eh, with the chinese staff, american and australian bosses, to the “guanxi” (the “relationship”) you need to have here with different government groups. now, i realize how hard it is to actually open a business lalo na we’re opening another restaurant soon. ang hirap pala yung magiisip ng menus coz ang daming factors na kelangang i-consider. i remember those times in filcui2, intecui2, asiacui2 where we have to plan the menu pero this one talaga is more complicated coz u actually have to think of ur target customers. this is a challenge for me. i am having a blast, i guess you could say na this is a roller coaster ride, may ups and may downs but i am happy because it’s rare for someone na at this age ay mabigyan ng ganitong opportunity. i am blessed.anyway, u make kwento naman, what is happening na in shrim? how is dean? pakamusta naman sa kanya… by the way, i had fun with sir gelo, ms. caths and sir benhur… it was nice seeing them… hopefully, next time kasama ka naman..miss u chef pam!!!



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One Response to Sabrina in China

  1. jade haw & lace tan says:

    Hi Chef Pam!!

    as you know, we’re here in Beijing studying mandarin! anyway,would u know the address of the restaurant mentioned above? Haha we are having fun here, studying and eating all the time.haha 🙂 we’re also planning to volunteer for the beijing olympics this coming august.yey. miss u all.

    Jade Haw and Lace Tan

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