Hello from Down Under -Australia

Three of our former teachers are there now working in Australia: Chef Farrah Hubahib who recently tied the knot with long time boyfriend Nobu, Chef Cesar Onrubia, and Chef Alexis (Ixi) Santos. Alumna Michelin Galang writes about here experience as she takes advance studies in Le Cordon Bleu Sydney.

hi chef pam,
im okay. i m studying right now in le cordon bleu sydney. Chef Farrah
is in Adelaide and layo hindi ko pa nakikitA. So far im loving it in
Australia. Laid back country and their so care free. The first day of
school, i was a mess cz i entered in the middle of the term i skipped 1
level kasi, since i took culinary na in csb. actually dalawa kaming tiga
csb na hrim sa lcb, si syd. dummo his lasr name pero upper batch sya
sakin. yung general track pa, but his not my classmate, his 1 yr. lower
than me. right now nakakahabol na ko sa mga classmates ko pag dating sa
kitchen practicals. kala ko nung una parang culinary dyan in school
pero mas intense pa pla toh.. napakamot ulo ko nung unang araw kasi i
wasnt expecting to do the whole course up to dessert on my own, na lost
ako dun nung unang araw hehehe. but im really enjoying it here i wish you
can also come and visit, your always welcome here since im going to
stay here for good. may work na rin ako sa hotel the botique hotel
ok sya mababait mga tao and marami nanaman ako natututunan. Im lucky i
get to experience internship in our school and yung culinary na rin,
cz i realize it doesnt stop there, everyday i get to know more things
and hone my skills.


About Pam

Teacher, cook, foodie, wanderlust
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