Mr. Lacson Climbing the Great Wall of China

China Education Expo 2007 (Beijing)

October 20-21, 2007

Travel Report by Mr. Angelo U. Lacson

The China Education Expo 2007, October 20-21, 2007 based on observation, was well participated by schools from all over the world, other institutions involved in educational service and Chinese students wanting to pursue undergraduate and post-graduate studies abroad. The Philippine delegation consisted of eight (8) schools. DLS-CSB was represented by Ms. Catherine Deen (Admissions), Mr. Benhur Ong (SMIT) and Mr. Angelo Lacson (SHRIM).

Ms. Sabrina Jayne Gan – our alumni of the first Culinary batch – is doing well as the Head Chef of the Rickshaw Tex Mex Sports Bar in Beijing. I spoke to her Australian boss and he mentioned that she did a tremendous job in turning the unorganized kitchen around and reformulating the recipes of the place. Although she spent only a couple of hours with us for both days at the Education Expo, she was very helpful as our interpreter.

Mr. Lars Eltvik (Director of Marketing) of The Emirates Academy was present in the expo. I asked him about our students in

Dubai and he mentioned that he was impressed with two SHRIM students enrolled in his marketing class. I also informed him that Mr. Acuna be visiting Dubai this November.

Sabrina Gan and Mr. Angelo Lacson

Sab and her scooter in Beijing

With Mr. Lars Eltvik (Director of Marketing) of The Emirates Academy


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