Stir Crazy Bar and Restaurant is a popular hang-out for CSB-SHRIM because it is owned by our ’02 graduates ( also Solomon Batch 6)….Julian Domino, Inigo, Stef Co (former YHE org com), flair master big guy Paul Perez , Nino Romero, and Angelo Castaneda. Executive chef is Wendell Tan (’04). Incidentally the group also owns Verde’s Catering. During their school days these north people loved hanging out at Total Ortigas. When they graduated they decided to put up their own place… STIR CRAZY.

Alumni regulars are Dan Alemeda (Commis – Sofitel), Mark Achacoso (FO- Ascott), Pam Go (IBM), Nikki Tamula (events), Joesph de Leon (now studying to become a pilot), Chris Cua ( running some Rustans restos)…And many many other graduates, teachers (won’t say who), sometimes even custodians enjoying the night away….definitely an AKIC tambayan.

If you’re lucky on some acoustic nights you can get to catch home grown YHE singing idols Ken Kurosawa or Sander Virata jamming with the band.

STIR CRAZY is located (gosh I forgot the name of the street!) right behind Linden Suites, the one way street going to UAP in the Ortigas area.


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